A proper Cornish pasty recipe

If you are missing Cornwall in lockdown life, why not bring Cornwall to you at home by trying this proper Cornish pasty recipe. The humble pasty, or ‘Oggie’, originated as food that tin miners, farmers and fishermen could take to work. Thanks to the Philleigh Way Cookery School for this excellent pasty recipe!



125g Chuck steak

125g Strong White Flour

32g Lard

32g Margarine

1 Onion diced

100g Swede

100g Potato

1 egg





  • Mix together with fingertips flour, pinch of salt, lard and margarine until they resemble breadcrumbs.
  • Add a little water to bind the mix into dough. Knead until smooth (about a minute) and rest for 20 minutes (we recommend wrapping in cling film and placing in the fridge).
  • Dice up the steak, onion, and swede and peel into small pieces and then chip the potato with a small knife (chop into small pieces). Keep your steak, onion, swede and potato pieces small so it’s easier to fill the pasty and prevent pieces sticking up through your pastry.
  • Roll out the pastry until about 3mm thick, place an eight-inch plate on the pastry and cut around it with a sharp knife.
  • Put a layer of potato, swede, then steak and finally onion on one side of your pastry circle (making a semi-circle shape) and season well.
  • Egg-wash the rim of your pastry, then fold half the pastry over to encase the filling.
  • Seal the pastry together by gently pressing down with your fingertips around the edge and then crimp.
  • Glaze the pasty with egg and bake at 190 degrees centigrade for one hour.

Philleigh Way is a cookery school based in south Cornwall that also offers unique dining experiences. The Farmhouse Cookery style is inspired by recipes handed down over the generations, fantastic local produce and experience gained working in some of the top kitchens in Cornwall and around the globe.