Counting seals at Godrevy

Cornwall is lucky enough to have lots of marine wildlife along its shores, but the most common, and arguably most adorable, are seals. The best place to see them is Godrevy, West Cornwall

“Let’s go and count seals!” is not something we get to say every day. If you do find yourself in Gwithian/Godrevy, you can find a little cove where these marine creatures reside all year round, lazing on the beach. Go from October and you could even see fluffy white pups! These can be found at Godrevy Head, or specifically Mutton Cove.

Remember! Be sure to approach quietly, the seals are sensitive and don’t like noises.

Sometimes you can find up to 50-60. It’s can be difficult to count them accurately, as they lie higgle-piggledy, a scatter of beautiful grey black, white and tawney-brown lozenges. Big adult males, smaller females and slender juveniles. They roll and scratch and flump in and of of the water.

National Trust own the land and do a fantastic job managing the habitat, ensuring people respect the seals. To find out more about the seals here, have a look at the National Trust’s work at Godrevy here.

Directions: Park at the National Trust car park at Godrevy. To find the seal beach, go to the end of the grassy car parking area up the slope to the right.

Why not stay nearby? We have lots of chalets, beach houses and homes in Gwithian nearby.