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Frosty morning walk at Stithians

Forever Cornwall Stithians Lake Gorse

The beautiful gorse, is out in flower as you walk round Stithians Lake, the almost completely uninterrupted path around the fresh water lake is frosty and crunchy under my feet. It is a lovely path around different sections of the lake, you can also walk over the dam.

Forever Cornwall Stithians Lake Landscape

The sun was slowly breaking through the haze and melting the ice crystals. The flat water makes it hard to see what is water and what is land, it is so calm. Over the other side I can see the Explore Stithians Outdoor and Active watersports centre, where sailing, kayaking and windsurfing are all on offer depending on the weather conditions!

Forever Cornwall Stithians Lake Sun Through Trees

As the sun rises, you can’t help but appreciate just how tranquil the lake and surrounding areas are. Dogs are allowed all year round, it is a great stop of 365 days a year and this walk doesn’t get dull for you or your four legged friend, how ever many times you do it.