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Gwithian — possibly the best beach in the world?

Forever Cornwall Bees Knees Gwithian St Ives Bay Riding

Well, that’s what the T-shirt says, and we are not about to argue. As a statement of fact, Gwithian beach is the west side of St Ives bay. It stretches for three miles… all the way from the town of Hayle to the the village of Gwithian itself. Strictly speaking it’s not all Gwithian beach… at the Hayle end it has sections called Hayle Towans, Black Cliff and Mexico Towans… then north of the Red River (which flows out into the bay just north of Gwithian village, it’s Godrevy beach (that’s the little one far out on the point adjacent to the lighthouse, best for rock pools, startling geology in the contorted cliff-face, and sunset bbqs). Heck, whatever way you look at it, Gwithian is certainly one of Cornwall’s finest stretches of sand, sun and surf… the photo here is taken on my iPhone, mid November, at low tide, looking south towards Hayle. Stay self-catering at Driftwood Beach Chalet or The Bees Knees, and stroll form your front door to here in minutes…