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Cornwall Wildlife Trust

Protecting Cornwall's wildlife

Forever Cornwall have recently made a promise to support Cornwall Wildlife Trust in everything they do for our wonderful county, and its wildlife inhabitants. From habitat management, the re-introduction of native species and the control of non-native species plus much, much more, Cornwall Wildlife Trust are doing more than ever to help maintain our countryside ecosystems. By booking with Forever Cornwall, you’re helping us to help them – find out more about their work below.

Cornwall's wonderful wildlife

Beaver Close Up By Jack Hicks

Cornwall’s beautiful landscape is home to a whole host of wildlife, from badgers and foxes to seals and choughs. Much of our wildlife is thriving but would be simply unable to do so if it weren’t for the exceptional work of the Cornwall Wildlife Trust. Their mission is to allow our wildlife to come back to what it once was, before human interference had such an impact on nature. From cities to farmland, all man-made landscapes can be improved upon the aide the comeback of wildlife in our country, and we’re firm believers that humans and wildlife can live alongside each other and flourish, enriching each species’ existence. Forever Cornwall have pledged to support Cornwall Wildlife Trust and the work they do to protect and provide habitats, from clifftop heathland to wooded areas and riverbanks – they even introduced beavers back to a (secret) Cornish riverbank in 2017. It’s not just the land animal’s they’re looking after, however. CWT monitor marine life and habitats, collecting data to conserve the underwater eco-systems and raising awareness about how to protect them – it’s all really important work and we’re so proud to support them along the way.