Keeping Cornwall’s Beaches Clean

Forever Cornwall Poldhu September 2016

Every year thousands of tonnes of marine litter is washed ashore on Cornish beaches. Many organisations help with the constant task of collecting this rubbish, including The National Trust, Surfers Against Sewage and Cornwall Wildlife Trust.

These organisations having regular get togethers where you can help do a beach clean, The National Trust do an annual one where they record the various litter items to help the Marine Society regulate where the litter comes from and how it affects various species.

Forever Cornwall Poldhu Beach Clean

Not only is it not very nice for families on the beach to be surrounded by waste, but marine life also mistake rubbish for food. An increasing amount studies are showing that dead sea creatures have plastic and other waste in there systems. This is a worrying concern all over the world as our oceans are becoming more and more clogged up with mainly plastic, but also other products.

If you see some litter on the beach, please make an effort to pick it up and put it in a bin, it will be appreciated by humans, birds and animals alike!