Lusty Glaze Beach – excitement, thrills and volcanoes!



Lusty Glaze has a deep history, and is one of the few coastal beaches to be rich in iron ore, with mining going on until the late 1800s. In Cornish, Lusty Glaze means “a place to view blue boats”, describing ore being taken to and from Newquay Harbour.

In the 1920s, Lusty Glaze became a ‘glamorous gentlemen’s and ladies bathing beach’, with brightly coloured beach huts, donkey rides and even butlers! There aren’t any butlers or donkey rides now, but the beach has certainly retained its charm with built wooden huts. It is much loved by the community, mainly because it has retained its quirkiness, but don’t worry about offending the locals as now it is a beach for tourists, day visitors, adrenaline junkies, food lovers and the wedding party – and you’re more than welcome!

For locals and tourists alike, the favourite part of what Lusty Glaze has to offer has to be the adventure activities.  All supervised by fully qualified instructors, these include abseiling, the terror tight rope(!), junior lifeguarding, surf lessons and jet ski safaris. Lusty Glaze is also famous for its training centre, offering training at all levels, from basic first aid to spinal treatment if things get nasty! Check it out here, you can even have a BBQ afterwards!

If you fancy something more relaxing that a BBQ, then checking out the Lusty Glaze Beach Bar and Restaurant is a must for a lazy lunch, cosy coffee or seaside supper. The restaurant itself is in a secluded, privately owned cove and is great whatever the weather, offering a terrace with breathtaking views in the summer or a woodburning stove in the winter. The chef is former masterchef contestant Nat Tallents, who uses locally sourced, fresh seasonal produce. Something very individual to the restaurant is “Hot Rock Dining”, where you are supplied with your own volcanic rock to cook your dish how you like it – definitely an experience!!

Once a week, Lusty Glaze’s week is drawn to a close with Sundowner Sessions, bringing you a different genre of music every week – the perfect end to the perfect day at Lusty Glaze!