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Making Better Holidays

Forever Cornwall was born out of a love of Cornwall, and wanting to share all its aspects with people. Because we care about our surrounding environment so much, we understand that actually our surrounding area is intrinsically linked with the rest of world and that all businesses generate some toll on the beauty and welfare of communities all over the Earth.

This is why we’re working with local people in Cornwall, UK organisations and even a charity as far afield as the Republic of Congo, and taking a can-do approach ourselves rather than leaving all the hard work to everyone else. On this page, you can find out what we do, what our friends do and what you can do during your holiday to help Cornwall, its people and in turn, the planet.

With some of the finest food and drink produced in Cornwall, as well as a whole host of small independent shops selling all manner of household goods, try and dodge the supermarkets on your Cornish holiday.
Working with the Pole Pole Foundation, Forever Cornwall, our owners and our guests can all contribute to offsetting our carbon footprint. Find out how, why and where, here!
Plenty of people know about the 'Blue Planet' effect from Attenborough's documentary, with the focus on single use plastics, and the need to reduce their use. We've got some tips for how to make your holiday plastic free.
From organised meet-ups to spontaneous litter picking, beach cleaning has never been easier. Here's the best people to talk to and places to go to for some seaside cleaning.
With hundreds of miles of coastal footpath, plenty of inland footpaths and quiet country lanes, there's no need for a car at most of our retreats. Here's some tips on how to manage without your 4-wheeled steed.
Cornwall's beautiful landscape is home to a whole host of wildlife, from badgers to seals. Much of our wildlife is thriving but would be simply unable to do so if it weren't for the exceptional work of the Cornwall Wildlife Trust.