Marketing Your Property

Showcasing your holiday home to the right audiences is at the heart of our service. Good marketing requires a great deal of experience and skill, and whist some of our owners like to know every detail of what we do to achieve results — others are simply happy that it’s all taken care of, and that it works very well. We can tell you all about it when we meet, but read on for answers to some of the obvious questions.

Getting to know your property

Right from the start, we work hard to understand your holiday home inside out — as well as its location. Quite rightly, guests expect us to know. We might get asked how many steps there are to the patio because a party member has mobility challenges, or how big a particular shower is — as well as exactly how far the beach is and what local restaurants are best. Because we are a small team, with a selected collection of properties, we really can be make sure to do this thoroughly.

Pictures and words

We take writing and photography very seriously. Photo-shoots are planned carefully and Phil and Maria attend each one personally to direct the day, ensuring that our photographer captures what’s unique about your property, and that features and facilities are shown off fully and accurately. Similar attention is paid to writing. Our owners have often put heart and soul into creating really special places — so when we write we do the same. And we know guests like to take the time to read too.

Our website

Our own website is the backbone of our marketing. As you’d expect, it’s designed and built to work on mobiles and tablets as well as on desktop computers, has lots of content, is fully searchable, displays promotions and offers and so on. Our website takes online booking simply and effectively with payments, including international ones, handled securely though Sage Pay and Barclays.

As well as providing guests with a lot of information about the property they are booking, our website aims to immerse them in the surrounding area too, because it’s our mission to make sure guests really dive in to the Cornwall experience. We want them to find the local farm shop and skip Tesco’s, and to discover their own ‘secret’ beach. That’s not just because in doing so they’ll forge unique experiences and make special memories but also because we believe in localism. Frankly, we want to see the tourist pound spent with our own local business, with profits going into local pockets to support the future of the County and its people. We all know it makes sense — evidence shows that for every £10 spent in an independent shop, £25 is generated for the local economy.

Digital marketing

Our website doesn’t do all the work on its own, but is part of a mesh of digital activity including:

  • We invest in Google Adwords all year round, and mange expenditure carefully for maximum effect to make sure your holiday home is seen online by the right audiences at the right times.
  • We showcase selected properties on carefully chosen third-party websites in instances where this will be helpful.
  • We produce our email newsletter regularly, to highlight new properties, offers, and interesting holiday experiences and topics.

Social media

We are active on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, building relationships with guests and owners. We also post regularly on our own blog.

Press and online PR

We are well connected with travel and property journalists, as well as lifestyle and travel bloggers so are able to generate regular opportunities to showcase properties in magazines and online. At times we may arrange press stays in your holiday home, on either a discounted or complimentary basis and will discuss these opportunities with you as they arise.

Friendly bookings

Whilst most of our bookings are online we also staff the phones and email and take bookings over the phone on weekdays from 9am-5:30pm (9am-5pm Fridays) and Saturdays 9am-12pm, all year round except on Christmas day. We answer all of the questions guests throw at us, so you don’t have to, and for our regular customers are able to make helpful suggestions about new properties to say in.