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Why you should visit Mount’s Bay

St Michael’s Mount, the majestic island castle, always tops the itineraries to the region, but wander down the rest of the bay and you’ll discover a full holiday’s worth of things to see and do. See our small guide on why you should visit the bay…we could inspire your next trip!



Harbour near holiday cottages in Mousehole by Forever Cornwall

Aside from the iconic island castle, this place is packed with history to experience first-hand. On the opposite end of the bay is Mousehole (pronounced “mouzole”), an achingly picturesque fishing village and harbour with windy streets and granite cottages worn by the salty sea air. It’ll feel like you’ve stepped back in time. Moving along the coast to Penzance you get a feel of the importance of this place’s maritime history. A highlight is The Admiral Benbow, a swashbuckling pub that was the inspiration for Jim Hawkin’s home in Treasure Island.

You could stay at: St Clement’s House, Mousehole >


Curving in a long half moon shape from Penzance to Marazion is an uninterrupted sandy beach. Swimming is safer here and lifeguards watch Marazion beach during certain months. For those more adventurous people, wind and kite surfing is popular in this area. We particularly like the Hoxton Special, a humble shack offering watersports equipment hire and lessons, yoga classes and coffee so good that it’s “life changing”.

You could stay at: Little Acres, Marazion >


Walking for everyone 

The Mount’s Bay section is one of the most scenic and most accessible sections of the South West Coast Path. With almost no hills and a reliable pathway, this is a stretch of walking that anyone can take part in. We recommend starting in Mousehole for breakfast, going through Newlyn and Penzance, down the beach to end in Marazion for a well-deserved gin & tonic opposite St Michael’s Mount!



With seafood being landed daily in this area, you need to experience the freshest fish in the country. Some our favourites include the Tolcarne Inn which is a stone’s throw of Newlyn’s harbour, or The Shore in Penzance with it’s small but very well crafted menu.

If you like the sound of a Mount’s Bay escape, we have a selection of handpicked places perfect for getting a taste for the area.