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A walk to Scotts Quay

A walk from Constantine Church to Scotts Quay (90 minutes).

Forever Cornwall Scotts Quay Style

You can easily park in the middle of Constantine, by the beautiful parish church in the middle of the village. From there head down Bowling Green Road, past the doctor’s surgery until the road turns into a foot path. Follow this all the way down the hill to the road at the bottom.

Forever Cornwall Scotts Quay Midget And The Mushroom

The footpath continues straight opposite on the other side of the road, keep following it through the next two fields, you then head into the next field past the woods and then past the large oak tree in the middle. Look out for exceptionally large mushrooms, but please be careful not to touch (unless trained in mushroom foraging).Once you walk up that hill, you only have one section left before the quay.

Forever Cornwall Scotts Quay Boat And Quay B&W

The path goes through yet another field, where you can see the river, at the bottom is a style, which if you hop over you are on the quay. The raised grassy area, standing firmly on the banks of the river Helford, was used originally to move minerals and stone from quarries around Cornwall. Now the quay is used by locals for leisure and fishing.

Forever Cornwall Scotts Quay River + Poppy

On your way back to Constantine, you can take the same route, but you can also extend your walk by half an hour by going through the woods. To do this you head back over the style and into the field and then turn right and head all the way along the hedge line until the footpath goes into the woods and just follow is round the woods. You come out back in the field near the road, so you cross the lane and head back on the original path back up to the village.

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