What to expect in your cottage

So, what can you expect to find when you book with Forever Cornwall? Each property owner and their housekeeper will do things a little differently. However there are some things that you can expect to be the same, or very similar, whichever holiday home you choose. Read on...

Finding your holiday home and getting hold of the key

As soon as your holiday is fully paid for you’ll get our booking email with a very detailed description of how to find your holiday home — vital in Cornwall where Sat Nav may get you close, but is equally likely to turn you down the wrong lane at the last minute and then insist that you drive into the middle of a field! You’ll find the key in a secure key-safe which you’ll open with a code number. You’ll receive the key code in the same email – and of course you can arrive whenever it suits you, after the check-in time stated. If you know you’ll arrive very late please let us know so we can tell the owner and housekeeper — they do care and might be getting anxious!

Cottage and local area info

All properties have a detailed Guest Directory. This will explain everything you need to know about your cottage, from the WiFi key, to when to put the bins out. They all have loads of local info as well from eateries to beaches and farm shops, to help you get the best from your stay. Each property has a Guest Journal too — it’s far more than a visitors’ book so have a good read as soon as you arrive and you should find a treasure-trove of recommendations for secret walks and beaches, undiscovered restaurants, fun-est visitor attractions, where to find the ultimate pasty or ice-cream etc. You might even find a barbecue recipe or a poem — our guests are often a creative lot! Oh, and of course please add to the recommendations and share all of your favourite experiences.

Linen and towels

All bedding is provided… duvets with nice duvet covers, pillows etc. In all of our holiday homes you will also find one big bath towel for each guest in your party, two hand towels in each bathroom, and tea towels for the kitchen. We do request that the bath towels are strictly for use in the holiday homes only — please bring your own beach towels.

Helpful little things to get you started

So you don’t have to pack the kitchen sink when you come, and to make sure you feel nice and welcome, all holiday homes will have many of the little things you need, from the moment you arrive. These include:

  • A loo roll in every bathroom
  • Washing up liquid
  • Washing up sponges, green scourers etc
  • Salt and pepper
  • Olive oil for cooking (apart from Kestle Barton properties)
  • Bin liners
  • Tea bags
  • A litre of milk
  • … and usually a few other little treats too!


Of course all holiday homes will have been cleaned before your stay, and should be as fresh as a sea breeze when you arrive. They will be cleaned again for the next guests as soon as you depart. Please help your housekeeper by leaving the property as clean and tidy as you can, within reason. Especially at busy times of year this really is super-appreciated. If you are staying for two weeks or more, your housekeeper will get in touch with you (usually by phone) before your stay to arrange weekly clean/s and linen change/s. Usually this clean has to be at a particular time of the week to fit with the housekeeper’s schedule, but in some instances you may be offered some flexibility. You will probably want to be ‘out’ when the housekeepers come. Please tidy up before they arrive so they can clean and make beds effectively. By the way, you don’t have to have a weekly clean — many guest find it intrusive and prefer simply to have clean linen dropped in. That’s fine, and your housekeeper will ask you to strip beds so they can collect used lined for laundering.


If your holiday home has a wood-burner you’ll find enough kindling, logs etc to get you though the first night (note that some owners don’t do this in the summer). Some owners are able to supply more wood to make things easy for you — some have ‘honesty boxes’ where you can pay. All will tell you where you can get more wood locally, by the bag. This information will be in the Guest Directory in the holiday home.


All properties have barbecues except apartments, and those that have no outside spaces. Owners do not provide fuel for these, so please bring charcoal, and leave the barbecues in a tidy state for the next guests.

Beach stuff

Some holiday home owners provide beachy things like portable barbecues, buckets and spades, body boards or even surf boards. But please think of these as a bonus and don’t rely on any properties being equipped with particular things unless stated is the properties ‘Essentials’ list on our website.

Rainyday games, books and DVDs

In most properties you’ll find books and games, in some you’ll find a DVD selection or even a games console. But as above, please don’t rely on any property having particular things unless stated. If in doubt, please ask.

Bins, recycling and compost

You’ll need to put bins and/or recycling out on a particular day, just like at home. It’s really important to do this as if you miss the day it can create a big headache for the housekeepers. The bin day is clearly stated in the Guest Directory in the property. Please remind each other! Please make sure that all general waste is bagged in black bags or similar, before being put in wheelie bins. We are proud to say that some of our properties are equipped with composting facilities too — you probably know but please only put uncooked vegetable-based kitchen waste in there.

Should things go wrong

Of course things can go wrong. You might loose your front door key at dusk on the coastal path at Zennor (yes that happened), or the heating might fail on Sunday night. Such things are mercifully rare but if you have a problem you will be able to call your housekeeper who will do their utmost to help (you’ll have the housekeeper’s phone number in the booking email, and again in the cottage Guest Directory). In office hours we are here to help too.