Arrival & Departure policy

Our housekeepers work hard and take pride in what they do. Most are independent self-employed people. They have a lot to get done between one guest’s departure and the next arrival and may be responsible for getting several properties ready. Please help them by not trying to check in early, by leaving on time, and by following the Clean and Tidy Departure rules below.

Please note that there are standard Check Out Charges if our housekeepers have to carry out extra work and these are listed below. These items are not covered by the Damage Waiver, and will be charged to your payment card and an email sent to you detailing the charges and reasons. Any monies charged in this way are passed on in full to our housekeepers. Policy regarding damages is covered by our Damages Policy.

Check in and check out times

These are clearly stated in our communications. Please don’t ask for an early check in as housekeepers are already under pressure. And, of course, please check out on time — late departure is really unfair on the housekeepers. If you plan to leave the property particularly early please do let us know.

Waste and recycling

Please make sure your property is clear of waste and recycling when you leave. This includes emptying bins in bedrooms and bathrooms. Note that your waste collection day may be earlier in the week so please make sure you are aware of the day and time so you don’t miss the collection — information is given in the Guest Directory. All waste must be bagged before you put it in the bin and you may be charged if it is not.

Clean and tidy departure rules

Of course, it’s our housekeepers’ job to clean properties and make up beds, but not to have to deal with unreasonable mess. To help them we ask you to:

  • Strip the beds and leave linen on the beds
  • Leave all towels in the bathrooms
  • Empty all the bins, bag the waste and clear it from the property
  • Do the washing up (it’s ok to leave the dishwasher running)
  • Make sure you take your things from cupboards, fridges and freezers
  • Leave your holiday home tidy and reasonably clean
  • Clean the barbeque if you’ve used it
  • Please don’t put anything in the washing machine or start a washing cycle
  • If you’ve brought a dog you must make sure that your leave no trace of it including hairs, and that gardens are carefully checked
  • Turn off lights, close windows and lock up, putting the key back in the key safe or as otherwise instructed
  • Put any parking permits back in the property

Thank you very much for your help. If a housekeeper has to carry out additional cleaning at the property when it has not been left reasonably clean and tidy this is chargeable. This will be determined at our absolute discretion.

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Published: 23 December 2021