Fisherman’s Friends Filming Locations

The hotly anticipated Fisherman’s Friends movie was released in cinemas across the country on the 15th March – and is now being loved nationwide! We’re having a look at the filming locations of the movie, most of which are in and around Port Isaac – so we’ve been watching the trailer and comparing film shots to our own photo library! If you’ve not booked already, make sure you venture down to this quintessential fishing village this summer to experience it yourself…

PORT ISAAC Fisherman's Friends Cornwall

Port Isaac

This working harbour is the setting for much of the film. On the left is a scene from the film, the right is a photo taken by us back in 2016. With cobbled streets, narrow alleyways and listed buildings, this picturesque village is alive with activity all year round, due to the bustling fishing trade, excellent restaurants and atmospheric pubs where, on a Friday night, you might even bump into one of the real Fisherman’s Friends!

Fisherman's Friends Harbourside Port Isaac Cornwall

A shot from the film (left) in the iconic Port Isaac harbour, where the real Fisherman’s Friends started their career, gracing visitors and locals alike with Friday evening performances throughout the summer! This winter we stood in the exact same place, on a cold November day – and although the sky wasn’t as blue as this shot from the film, it was just as charming.

Port Isaac Fishermans Friends Cornwall

This iconic Port Isaac building sits at the mouth of the harbour, and often features in the film. On a trip up to the village last year we caught a snap of the building with its Christmas lights up – and although it was used as a set for the film it is still filled with working fisherman all year round as the boats come in.

PORT Gaverne Fisherman's Friends Cornwall

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Port Gaverne – ‘The Main’

The Port Gaverne headland is an iconic feature of the landscape on this stretch of coastline. Perfect for picnics, storm watching or sunset strolling as Alwyn and Danny are in the film scene above. The photo next to it was taken on one of our lifestyle shoots, where the sky was almost purple and the heavens truly opened! Just moments from the hamlet of Port Gaverne, once you get onto the headland you feel a world away from everything, with just the sea and sky surrounding you.


Tag's Pit Port Gaverne Cornwall

Tag’s Pit, Port Gaverne

After a coasteering mishap, the Fisherman’s Friends lifeboat scene took place in Port Gaverne cove, rescuing the lads from a well-known coasteering spot called Tag’s Pit. This winter we wandered down from one of our Port Gaverne retreats and took (a little more safely!) to the waters one grey day. With some friends who grew up in the area, we were in excellent hands, however, if you’re visiting the area and want to have a go then make sure you get in touch with Cornish Rock Tors who will expertly guide you around this section of the coastline.

Port Gaverne is the perfect place to explore the set of the Fisherman’s Friends film. Enjoy a crisp Cornish pint at the Golden Lion, take to the seas on board a Port Isaac boat for a fishing trip and wander the cobbled streets of Port Isaac and the quiet Port Gaverne cove. Choose any one of our ten Port Gaverne cottages and apartments for your Cornish escape – browse them all here!