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Inspiring Better Holidays

Forever Cornwall was born out of a love of the place we are lucky enough to call home — its landscapes, nature, people and culture. We care passionately about our own environment and communities, and also understand that we are all part of a larger story — the global challenge to fight climate change, to regenerate lost habitats, and to work with people to build better lives.

Tourism, like all human activity, has an impact on environments and communities all over the Earth. That’s why we’re working with local organisations in Cornwall, and even a charity as far away as the Democratic Republic of Congo. We’re taking a ‘can-do’ approach to change rather than leaving the hard work to someone else. On this page, you can find out what we are doing, what our friends do, and what you can do during your holiday to help Cornwall and its people, and, in turn, the planet.

Our mission represents four areas that we strive to support through a better, more meaningful way of doing business. They form the backbone of our strategy and vision, the values and ethics on which we were founded.
Our guide to shopping local in Cornwall, region by region, including farm shops, delis, fishmongers, farmers’ markets and independent food shops up and down the county. Support local producers on holiday!
Find out how we're tackling climate change and why, from the organisations we support to the work we do to help reduce our impact and protect the environment, nature and local communities here and abroad.
Plenty of people know about the 'Blue Planet' effect from Attenborough's documentary, with the focus on single use plastics, and the need to reduce their use. We've got some tips for how to make your holiday plastic free.
We all have a responsibility to keep our beaches clean and doing a beach clean is one of the best ways to help.  Here's a guide on how you can to join a beach clean on holiday in Cornwall — or how to organise your own.
Here's a comprehensive guide to getting to and around Cornwall without your car – all in the name of easing the traffic on Cornwall’s tiny roads, reducing the carbon emitted from the journey down and giving you a more real, explorative holiday.
It’s more important — and easier — than ever to make your holiday let as eco as possible. Here's a list of easy, cost effective tweaks to make to your let which will help you reduce your carbon footprint and increase its appeal.
Cornwall's beautiful landscape is home to a whole host of wildlife, from badgers to seals. Much of our wildlife is thriving but would be simply unable to do so if it weren't for the exceptional work of the Cornwall Wildlife Trust.