Our mission

Our mission is to inspire better holidays by creating and delivering experiences and outcomes that are better for all stakeholders, placing equal importance on people, planet, and business success. This mission is built on four value-driven pillars that support what we do, one for each of our main stakeholder groups:

Pillar 1: Better for Guests

We are passionate about start-to-finish excellence. We curate only beautiful and unique holiday homes, delivering personal and helpful customer care, and connecting guests with memorable and rewarding holiday experiences.

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Pillar 2: Better for Owners

We believe in a friendly and fair way of doing business. We are fully independent and aim for rewarding long-term partnerships with every owner, helping them to develop their own businesses through expert advice and management, and inspiring marketing.

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Pillar 3: Better for Communities

We are part of the local community and believe that tourism should be a force for good. We champion local enterprise to help put money into local pockets, and we support organisations that fight for a fair start for young people and families in Cornwall.

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Pillar 4: Better for the Planet

We are dependent on the natural beauty of Cornwall for our livelihoods and on the fragile global environment to sustain us. We are committed to fighting climate change through carbon impact reduction, carbon sequestration, and helping regenerate natural habitats.

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