Finding wild ponies

The National Trust has a clever way of managing cliff-top habitats in Cornwall. By letting Dartmoor ponies and hardy Highland cattle roam, the bracken and other growth is kept in check by their grazing and by the action of sharp hooves. A wider range of plants and flowers are encouraged, and with them more insect life and insect-feeding birds, and so on up the food chain…


Cornwall is one of the best places to see species of butterfly, like Adonis Blue, Chalkhill Blue, Small Blue, Dark Green Fritillary, Small Copper, Small Heath, Lulworth Skipper and Marbled White – and the here support colonies of Grayling, Dark Green and Small Pearl-boarded fritillaries.

But the ponies themselves are worth a walk. The National Trust move them around, but they are usually to be seen at Navox head (between Godrevy and Hell’s Mouth – you can park at either place, both serviced by handy cafes), north of Kynance Cove on the Lizard, or just east of Porthcurno beach.


The photos here were taken at Porthcuno and Navox Head. Just one thing… the ponies may not take kindly to dogs… and please on no account pet or feed them. They are wild and it’s important that they stay that way.