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Wildlife Watchpoint — Lizard

Forever Cornwall NT Watchpoint

Attracting more than 24, 000 visitors over the last couple of years, the wildlife watchpoint at Lizard Point is a great addition to your walk in the area. Run by volunteers, this exciting project grew from a chough watchpoint, further down the point to get the best aspect of the surrounding coast and to capture, record and enjoy the local wildlife.

Forever Cornwall NT Seal

You’ll often be able to spot the local seal residents as they bask in the sun on the rocky out crops and also bob about in the water below.

Forever Cornwall NT Choughs

Choughs are a spectacular sight, either in flight over the Point or resting on the cliff tops. These rare birds are such an amazing sign that the conservation that The National Trust do in the area i spaying off. making a return in 2001 the birds are now in their 16th year of breeding on the Lizard, which is vital to the preservation of the species in the UK.

Open daily from 10am from May — October, free binoculars and telescopes are available to use too.