Coronavirus: Your Stay

UPDATED 14:00 Friday 22 July. Please re-visit this page for further updates

Dear guests

We are delighted to say that we are welcoming guests back to all of our retreats, with great celebration, and with the full support of our housekeepers.

New 5% VAT rate

The government announced on 8 July that VAT would be temporary reduced on holiday accommodation, with effect from 15th July. There is some confusion about what this means for you, and some news stories have given the impression that all holidays will cost less because there will be less VAT to pay. Whilst this may be true of a hotel, holiday park or B&B, which would almost certainly be registered for VAT, self catering cottages are almost all owned by private individuals who are not registered for VAT, and so are not charging VAT in the first place. For this reason we are not offering any discounts or refunds related to the change in VAT.

Our Flexible Booking Policy

For new bookings

You may have concerns about what will happen if all or part of the country ‘goes back into lockdown’. Rest assured, if this happens we will give you a full refund of the cost of your holiday. This will apply for any of the following reasons:

  • National travel restrictions
  • Local restrictions that affect the area where you live
  • Local restrictions that affect the area where your holiday retreat is located

If travel restrictions are announced we will contact you if the address we have on record corresponds to a restricted area. You will be able to choose from the following options:

  1. Move your booking. This can be for any stay up to the end of 2021. It can be for the same retreat or another one, subject to availability. The price you pay may be higher or lower depending on the retreat and time of year. If higher, you can simply pay the difference. If lower we will refund you the difference. There will be no admin or other charges.
  2. Take a credit note. This is ideal if you know you still want to come to Cornwall, but are unsure of dates.
  3. Have a refund. We will happily refund the full amount you have paid for your holiday including the deposit. We will retain the Booking Fee (bookings made on or after 8 April 2020) or charge a £30 admin fee (bookings made before 8 April 2020).

This is a temporary waiver to the cancellation policy in our Terms and Conditions. We reserve the right to make changes to the temporary policy but if we do so we will give you a minimum of four weeks notice. Cancellation for other reasons are according standard Terms and Conditions and can be read here.

For existing bookings, arrivals before 7 August

The Flexible Booking Policy under which you booked remains in place. Contact us if you need a reminder about this. Please be aware that we reserve the right to ask for evidence of a positive NHS COVID-19 test, or copy of an official instruction to self-isolate before a booking can be modified, a credit note issued, or a refund given.

For existing bookings, arrivals on or after 7 August

The Flexible Booking Policy under which you booked is being updated. Please look out for an email about this, which will be sent to you on 10 July.

Safer stays: six-night cottages

To ensure the safety of guests and housekeepers, some of our holiday cottages currently only offer stays of 6 or 13 nights. This is initially for stays in summer 2020 until the end of September, but may be extended. The price will be discounted to reflect this. When we are ready for these properties to revert to full week/fortnight stays we’ll let you know and you will have the option to take the full stay for the original price. 

Please check each cottage page very carefully before booking. You can find out whether a cottage is a 6/13 nighter by clicking “FIND OUT MORE” on the page, it will be clearly stated.

Preparing for your holiday

Your safety and well-being, as well as that of our owners, housekeepers and their families, is very important to us, now more than ever. In response to Coronavirus we have carefully reviewed our housekeeping procedures and put a range of special measures in place. Please note the following:

Revised check-in and check-out times. Revised check-in and check-out times until further notice. For your safety and to give housekeepers more time to clean and sanitise, most check in times are now 6pm and many check-out times are 9:00am. The revised times will be clearly stated in your booking emails but please look out for any last minute changes. Please do not ask to check in early or to check out late.

Removal of non-essential items. Some difficult-to-clean and high-touch items will have been removed from your holiday retreat. These may include throws and cushions, games and toys, DVDs and other items that are non-essential. If there is any specific item or facility listed on our website that you have a question about, please contact us.

Welcome packs. Please accept our apology that there may be fewer niceties than usual in your welcome packs, for reasons of safety and to take some pressure off our housekeepers at this time.

Provisions and shopping. Almost all local shops are now open, and we hope you’ll enjoy supporting our great Cornish retailers —  but do plan ahead to avoid wasting precious holiday time in queues. Also please remember to wear your face masks in all shops to protect others who are also doing the same to protect you.

Anti-viral surface cleaning. The heavily used surfaces and high-touch items in your retreat will be sanitised using appropriate products. Items include but are not limited to; work surfaces, table tops, remote controls, light stitches and cord pulls, hair driers, door handles, appliances, key-safes, bathroom fittings and hot tubs.

Safer check-in. All of our retreats are fitted with key-safes so you can check-in more safely at a time that suits you with no face-to-face meeting. If you have booked an apartment or a retreat with any communal areas please look out for special instructions relating to these.

Safety during your stay. Please stay alert to coronavirus while on holiday, whether in your accommodation or out and about:

  • Hand sanitiser and/or liquid soap will be available in all retreats and please also bring you own and use it frequently following Government guidelines.
  • You’ll also find cleaning products in all retreats so please use these to keep on top of any possible spread of infection.
  • Be aware that town centres and all-weather attractions can be very busy if the sun stops shining and make sensible choices about where and when to visit with social distancing in mind.
  • Remember that during your stay you may be mixing with residents at or near your retreat, some of whom will be designated as vulnerable, and concerned for their safety. Please take care to follow to the letter any notices and measures posted locally, to protect them, maintain good relations with Cornwall residents, and as an example to others.
  • Remember the hand sanitiser when you are out and about, and face-masks if appropriate, and always follow the guidelines.

Safer check-out. When it’s time to go there are four essential things we need you to do for us. These will help to ensure the safety of our housekeepers, and the next guests:

  1. Strip all your beds and follow the instructions we have left for you, along with all towels and tea towels. This includes linen and towels that you may not have used.
  2. Empty all bins (not just the kitchen), bag, seal and put out all your own waste.
  3. Leave on time by this may be 9am or 10am, we’ll inform you — our hardworking housekeepers need every minute to prepare as safely as possible for the next guests.
  4. Let us know if any of your party has experienced any symptoms of Covid-19 including high temperature or persistent cough.

Thank you very much for your support in working with us on this — you are amazing!

If you have symptoms on holiday. You must tell us straight away if you or any member of your party has symptoms. You will be expected to return home immediately if it is safe to do so. If you have to self isolate in the retreat, we regret that we will have to charge for extended occupancy and all other bookings affected.

Please help someone less fortunate

Amongst the most vulnerable at this time are the homeless who still desperately need help and shelter. Coronavirus makes the work of charities even harder so we are asking you to support our brilliant local homeless charity St Petroc’s, who are working flat out to keep centres open at this difficult time. Please help by making a donation to the St Petroc’s now.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation — and please re-visit this page for further updates.

Phil Gendall, Director