Coronavirus — Book with confidence

UPDATED 10:30 Tuesday 5th January.

Dear guests

This page gives full information about your holiday and the pandemic. Together with the owners of our holiday homes, we want you to be able to book without having to worry about what will happen if lockdowns or tier restrictions mean that your holiday has to be cancelled. There is also information here about what we are doing, and what you can do, to make your holiday in Cornwall as safe as possible. 

This page is updated every time there is a Government announcement, and at other times, so please re-visit it for further updates. Thank you for your bookings and continued support for our wonderful county. We know that for many of you an escape to Cornwall is part of your wellbeing, now more than ever. 

Happy New Year, and stay safe!

Phil Gendall, Managing Director

About the January UK lockdown

If you were looking forward to a week in Cornwall before mid February, sadly you will not now be coming. We’ll miss you, but hope to see you again soon. We will contact you all in date order to see if you want a refund, to move your booking, or to take a credit note. So — you don’t need to do anything because we will contact you. Having said that, feel free to get in touch with Hannah or Abby sooner — for instance if you want to postpone your booking to a particular date/retreat, particularly at busy times of year and in hot-spot locations!

Please note that although you will see that it is possible to make an online booking with us during lockdown, this is only so that anyone in an exempted category can see availability. If you have a legitimate reason for wanting to stay in any of our accommodation at this time please check the criteria on this page under the heading ‘Accommodation’ then email or telephone us — do not book online.

Our Flexible Booking Policy

We have temporarily waived the standard cancellation policy in our Terms and Conditions — meaning that you are protected if the following apply:

  • The Government bans travel out of your area, or into Cornwall
  • Overnight stays in Cornwall are not permitted
  • The ‘rule of six’ makes your holiday impossible

In any of these cases, you will have the following options:

  1. Move your booking. This can be for any stay up to 13 months ahead. It can be for the same retreat or another one, subject to availability. The price you pay may be higher or lower depending on the retreat and time of year. If higher, you can simply pay the difference. If lower we will refund you the difference. There will be no admin fee or other charges.
  2. Take a credit note. This is ideal if you know you still want to come to Cornwall, but are unsure of dates.
  3. Have a refund. We will happily refund the full amount you have paid for your holiday including the deposit. See note below about booking fees.

Please note that refunds relate to the cost of accommodation (deposits and balances) including any fees for dogs. We will only retain the £30 booking fee (or charge a £30 admin fee if your booking was made before 8 April 2020). This relates to all refunds referred to on this page.

We reserve the right to make changes to the temporary policy waiver but if we do so we will give you a minimum of four weeks notice. Cancellations for other reasons are according to our standard Terms and Conditions which you can read here.

Please help someone less fortunate

Amongst the most vulnerable at this time are the homeless who still desperately need help and shelter. Coronavirus makes the work of charities even harder so we are asking you to support our brilliant local homeless charity St Petroc’s, who are working flat out to keep centres open at this difficult time. Please help by making a donation to the St Petroc’s now. Thank you very much for your support in working with us on this — you are amazing!

Cornwall is now in Tier 3; your questions answered! This is info from pre-5th January. We are leaving it in place in case it becomes relevant again after the January lockdown. 

Oh no! We are in Tier 3 down here now, despite our best efforts to socially distance and do the right thing. We are so sorry but this means no holidays to Cornwall right now. Read on to see what we are doing to make things as easy for you as we can…

While Cornwall is Tier 3 can I visit for a holiday?

Sadly not. We need to stop the spread of Coronavirus first, so you can come when it’s safe again. Please note that although you will see that it is possible to make an online booking with us, this is only so that anyone in an exempted category can see availability. If you have a legitimate reason for wanting to stay in any of our accommodation at this time please check the criteria on this page under the heading ‘Accommodation’, then email or telephone us — do not book online.

I have a holiday booked in Cornwall in the next four weeks. What are my options?

If you are unable to stay in Cornwall for your holiday we can give you a full refund. The Government has said it will be reviewing Tiers every two weeks. This means you have choices:

  1. Wait and see. You may want to keep your booking in place ‘until the last minute’ and see what happens. We welcome this and doing so will not affect your right to a refund. No need to do anything as your refund will be automatic if, at the time of your stay, you have to cancel (or if we have to cancel you).
  2. Move your booking. If you want to postpone your holiday until later, let us know as soon as you can so you get the best choice.  The cost of holiday will vary according to the time of year. There is no fee for moving under these circumstances.
  3. Take a credit note. This is ideal if you know you still want to come to Cornwall, but are unsure of dates.
  4. Cancel and have a refund. You may have reasons to simply let this one go. No problem, just let us know as soon as possible.

My holiday is booked more than four weeks away. What should I do?

There is no need to do anything. If we are out of Tier 3 when the time comes you’ll be able to have your holiday — but if not you’ll be able to postpone or cancel, as above. Hopefully that’s all clear and puts your mind at rest. If you want to talk anything through, just email of phone the office.

Other questions about Tiers. 

I live in a Tier 4 area and have booked a holiday for later — what must I do?

Government rules mean you must not travel outside of Tier 4 areas (except for some exempted reasons). If your holiday is imminent then sadly you will have to cancel or postpone it. If it’s a more than a month away you may want to wait to see if your area is moved to a lower tier following Government reviews. Please note our refund terms stated below which mean that you will receive a full refund as long as you give us enough notice. Please contact us as soon as possible, during office hours, to discuss your options.

I live in a Tier 3 area and have booked a holiday for later — can I cancel my booking?

In Tier 3, the Government is advising that you should not travel. If you want to cancel, following this advice, you need to contact us as soon as possible, during office hours, to discuss your options.

Can I book a future holiday if my area is currently in Tier 3 or 4?

Yes please do, just be aware of the refund criteria stated below.

Will I get all my money back if I cancel because of the Tier I live in?

If you live in Tier 3 or Tier 4 areas you will get the full cost of your accommodation back on cancellation as long as you give us plenty of notice. Our normal Terms apply to all guests except those who live in Tier 3 or Tier 4 areas. Note that it is your responsibility to contact us. If you leave it too long you will get a reduced amount as follows:

  • Cancel 28 days or more before arrival, 100% refund
  • Cancel 27-14 days before arrival, 50% refund
  • Cancel 13 days or less before arrival, 25% refund

If your area goes into Tier 3 or 4 at short notice, don’t worry, we will still give you a refund as long as you give us cancellation notice within 7 days of the Government announcement (including weekends). Beyond that time, the amounts stated above will apply.

Rule of Six

How does this affect holidays?

The Government’s ‘Rule of six’ restricts gatherings to six people. Larger households are exempt, and support bubbles can be added to the number.

I already have a booking and this might apply to me — what should I do?

Your booking is protected by our Flexible Booking Policy. We’ll contact you to discuss your options, usually around 8 weeks before your stay. You don’t need to do anything but don’t hesitate to contact us before then if you have any concerns.

I’m thinking of booking a holiday for sometime later in 2021, where do I stand?

You can book holidays for future dates with confidence because you are protected by our Flexible Booking Policy.

If you have symptoms on holiday

You must tell us straight away if you or any member of your party has symptoms. You will be expected to return home immediately if it is safe to do so. If you have to self isolate in the holiday property, we regret that we will have to charge for extended occupancy and all other bookings affected.

Preparing for your holiday

Your safety and well-being, as well as that of our owners, housekeepers, and their families, is very important to us, now more than ever. In response to Coronavirus we have carefully reviewed our housekeeping procedures and put a range of special measures in place.

Revised check-in and check-out times

To give housekeepers more time to clean and sanitise we have extended the change-over periods between guest stays. Most check-in times are now 5pm and most check-out times are all 10am. There are some exceptions so please check your pre-arrival emails carefully to make sure you know. Please do not ask to check in early or to check out late.

Safer check-in

All of our retreats are fitted with key-safes so you can check-in safely at a time that suits you with no face-to-face meeting. If you have booked an apartment or a retreat with any communal areas please look out for special instructions relating to these.

NHS Test & Trace posters

All of our holiday homes display a QR code poster at or near the entrance. Please scan on arrival, and then daily during your stay, with the NHS Covid-19 app. In apartments the poster will be inside the apartment — please make sure this poster is used as well as (not instead of) any that you might find in entrance lobbies etc. These will not have been put in place by Forever Cornwall.

Safer check-out

When it’s time to go there are four essential things we need you to do for us. These will help to ensure the safety of our housekeepers, and the next guests:

  1. Strip all your beds. Follow the instructions we have left for you about putting linen in bags, along with all towels and tea towels. This includes linen and towels that you may not have used.
  2. Empty all bins (not just the kitchen). Bag, seal and put out all your own waste.
  3. Leave on time — our hardworking housekeepers need every minute to prepare as safely as possible for the next guests.
  4. Let us know if you or any of your party have experienced symptoms of Covid-19 including; a high temperature, a new continuous cough, a change to your taste or smell.

Anti-viral surface cleaning

The heavily used surfaces and high-touch items in your retreat will be sanitised using appropriate products. Items include but are not limited to; work surfaces, table tops, remote controls, light stitches and cord pulls, hair driers, door handles, appliances, key-safes, bathroom fittings and hot tubs.

Removal of non-essential items

Some difficult-to-clean and high-touch items may have been removed from your holiday retreat. These may include throws and cushions, games and toys, DVDs and other items that are non-essential. If there is any specific item or facility listed on our website that you have a question about, please contact us.

Welcome packs

Please accept our apology that there may be fewer niceties than usual in your welcome packs, for reasons of safety and to take some pressure off our housekeepers at this time.

Provisions and shopping

Almost all local shops are open, and we hope you’ll enjoy supporting our great Cornish retailers — but do plan ahead to avoid wasting precious holiday time in queues.

Safety during your stay

Please stay alert to coronavirus while on holiday, whether in your accommodation or out and about:

  • Hand sanitiser and/or liquid soap will be available in all retreats and please also bring you own and use it frequently following Government guidelines.
  • You’ll also find cleaning products in all retreats so please use these to keep on top of any possible spread of infection.
  • Be aware that town centres and all-weather attractions can be very busy if the sun stops shining and make sensible choices about where and when to visit. Keep up the social distancing, and wear your mask in shops, cafés and other venues at all times.
  • Remember that during your stay you may be mixing with residents at or near your retreat. Some may be particularly vulnerable, and concerned for their safety. Please take care to protect local people, and to maintain good relations by following to the letter any notices and measures.