Dog & Pet policy

We love dogs but not all properties allow them. Dogs are only allowed in properties when they have been added to the booking form and the appropriate fee has been paid. Please note that ‘dog friendly’ means that dogs are permitted in the property but does not mean that gardens and other spaces are dog secure, or that there is any specific provision for dogs. We are relying on you to keep your dog secure and under strict control. Please check website descriptions carefully, and if you have any doubt about the suitability of a property for your dog email or phone us for more information before booking.

Guide Dogs or Assistance Dogs are welcome at all our properties in accordance with the Equality Act 2010. We do not make any charges for these however such dogs must still be included on the booking form — if you book by phone we can remove the dog charge for you.

Other than dogs, no pets or other animals are permitted in any Forever Cornwall properties. A property that states ‘Sorry no dogs’ does not guarantee that dogs or other animals have not been in a property and does not guarantee that they are suitable for people with pet-related allergies.

Please follow our dog rules  

  1. Dogs must be trained, clean, and have up to date flea treatment and vaccinations.
  2. Dogs are not permitted in bedrooms, on any furniture or soft furnishings.
  3. Please keep your dog under control at all times and make sure it’s not a nuisance to anyone.
  4. Dogs must not be left alone in the property.
  5. Dogs must not make excessive noise.
  6. Please make sure your dog doesn’t roam outside the property boundaries, especially on any shared or communal areas in your location.
  7. Pick up after your dog at all times and in all places. Please take exceptional care to check the garden of your property for dog poo when you leave. Charges will apply if housekeepers have to pick up.
  8. If your dog is wet, please make sure it has been towelled thoroughly using your own towels before coming indoors.
  9. On departure you must make sure that your dog leaves no trace including hairs.

You are deemed to accept responsibility for all actions and inactions of your dog. You will be required to vacate the property immediately, without refund, if you are in breach of any part of these conditions.


Published: 21 December 2021