Damages policy

The vast majority of our guests are wonderfully respectful and treat our properties as they would their own homes — together with housekeepers and owners we would like to say a huge thank you for this. However, accidents happen, and this policy explains how we deal with any issues that may arise. We strongly advise that you take out holiday insurance.

The Housekeeping Bond or Damage Waiver
When you book you will choose from one of the following:


Housekeeping Bond
This means that if there are damages or Check Out Charges your payment card will be charged, at cost, up to £200, £350 or £500, depending on the cottage. This may be applied to any damage to the property, fixtures, fittings and effects caused by an act or omission by you or other guests, or pets, in your party. Don’t worry, we are not picky about little accidents like a broken wine glass, but we still need to know so we can arrange replacements.


Housekeeping Bond Waiver
Choosing this means you are paying a one-off, non-refundable charge instead of the Housekeeping Bond. The Housekeeping Bond Waiver does not exempt you from Check Out Charges, which, if incurred, will be charged to your card. The Damage Waiver is not insurance and does not provide any liability cover.

Note that if the cost of damages exceeds the amount of the Housekeeping Bond or the Housekeeping Bond Waiver, you may be asked to pay more following receipt of our reasonable written request.


If you spot damages when you check in
If you find any damages at the property when you arrive, please report them immediately to your housekeeper by phone or email to avoid being charged and to allow us to arrange repairs. You can find your housekeeper’s contact details in your confirmation email and in the Guest Directory.


If you damage something
Please report this immediately to your housekeeper, who will try their best to get it fixed or find a replacement as soon as possible.


Wind damage or similar
We understand that damages can be caused by the weather, a passing vehicle, or even a herd of cows. We still need to know, so again, please report it immediately to your housekeeper. If there is bad weather forecast during your stay, please take sensible precautions, for example by bringing outdoor furniture in, closing windows, and securing doors. Please note that you may be liable for damage caused by your failure or omission to act.


Advising you of charges
We will try our best to let you know of charges as soon as possible and, in most cases, you will be advised no later than 30 days after departure. In some instances we may advise you that there will be a charge but will not be able to tell you the amount until later, for instance if we are waiting for a quotation from someone else.


Published: 23 December 2021