Ethical Marketing policy

We believe that all Forever Cornwall marketing should provide genuine value to our audience to earn their attention and trust. Our strategies are based on a belief that marketing should be honest, and that organisations should not take advantage of individuals personal data. This statement outlines the ethical marketing practices we follow at Forever Cornwall and the commitments we have made to ensure that our marketing meets or exceeds the highest ethical standards in our industry.


  • Forever Cornwall commits to honesty in all marketing

We commit to honesty and transparency in our marketing of campaigns, projects and the properties we represent.


We pledge to:

  • Never use dishonest marketing tactics for campaigns, including:
    – False advertising: exaggerating values and benefits of properties and our brand.
    – Fake reviews and testimonials
    – Inflated analytics or results when creating messaging and sharing reports within our advertising
  • Only work with organisations that are transparent and honest in their advertisements and marketing
  • To not withhold negative information or data from the public solely to protect Forever Cornwall’s image.
  • To only use words that are accurate when describing our products.


  • Forever Cornwall commits avoiding greenwashing and impact washing

We commit to ensuring we don’t make misleading claims about our environmental performance or exaggerate our positive impact to gain a marketing advantage.


We pledge to:

  • Be fully honest and transparent about the social and environmental impact of our brand.
  • Review marketing and communications strategies and tactics to ensure that they are not engaging in greenwashing and impact washing.
  • Ensure we are not exaggerating impact by inflating numbers, cherry-picking data, or focusing on stories that aren’t representative of overall outcomes.


  • Forever Cornwall commits to promoting diversity, equality and inclusion while being aware of cultural sensitivity in marketing

Many marketing campaigns and messages have the potential to be insensitive. It is up to us as a businesses and inclusion of others to ensure we avoid marketing campaigns and a tone that is insensitive.


We pledge to: 

  • Take steps to avoid any exploitation, appropriation, or stereotyping of underrepresented or historically oppressed people or groups within our marketing content.
  • Seek out feedback on the appropriateness and sensitivity of marketing content via surveys, focus groups or other appropriate forms of data collection.
  • Undergo internal training to increase awareness of diversity, equality and inclusion.


  • Forever Cornwall commits to following GDPR compliance

The recipient of Forever Cornwall marketing messages provides permission for us to send them marketing materials. All recipients have opted in to receiving marketing messages.


We pledge to focus our email marketing on:

  • Free and beneficial content used to honestly market our organisation, brand and the properties we represent.
  • Being GDPR compliant.
  • Maintaining the trust of email lists by continuing to offer value and restricting messaging to content related to what the original opt-in intent.


Published: 31 October 2023